Saturday, May 22, 2010


God, I praise you. I worship you. You are my God, my King, my Lord, my All. You are Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I worship you.

God, you are love. Help me choose your love. Help me choose your joy, your peace. Oh, God, help me choose to show your love to others. God, I want to love them as you love me, as you love them.

God, I am tired of feeling tired, feeling overwhelmed, feeling depressed. I choose to rest in you. I choose to allow you to have control of my life, of my wants, of my desire to control.

God, everyone I know is in your hands. It is not my job to change them, to control them, to make them into men and women of God. It is my job to love them, to show them you through my actions and my life and then give them room to choose you for themselves.

God, guide me, guide them. Help us all to see each other through your eyes, eyes of love and acceptance, not eyes of condemnation and accusation. Help us choose to embrace each other in spite of flaws and failures, reaching out in love in order to help and hold each other up rather than to point and push.

God, time and time again, you provide a way for me, a fallen sinner, to be redeemed and return to you. Help me choose to extend my hands, to lift up, to show that path to others instead of turning away in disgust or condemnation.

God, you are love. You love me. You love them. God, why don't I love them? God, help me choose to love and be love as you are love.


Crystal said...

Amen amen amen. Thank you for your prayer. I agree with you in prayer for you and for me- it mirrors some of my own struggles and desires. Crazy how we can be in two totally different places and experiencing so much of the same!

Crystal said...

Hey, I miss hearing from ya... post again soon!
I'm praying for ya!