Friday, September 25, 2009


God did not bring me to Honduras to just "put in a time of service". He does not give me the strength to just "get through it". I am not here just to "help" others. God brought me here and is with me here because He wants me to grow. He wants me "to grow, send down roots, flourish and be productive" (Rejoice devotional). He wants me to grow, not just put in time! God wants all of His children to grow and flourish no matter where they are. He wants His people to choose His joy and peace in the midst of whatever is going on around them.

And He wants us to "delight in doing everything (He) wants (us) to". (Psalm 1:2 - Living Bible). Help me, oh God, to delight in serving and loving and doing everything that you want me to. God, you want us to live lives of joy and victory so that we may better serve you and your purposes, so that we may better share you with others. Life here on earth should be a "foretaste" of heaven: joy, victory, peace, not drudgery, depression and duty!!

God, help us choose your everlasting joy and seek you to renew our strength every morning!


Galen and Phyllis Groff said...

YES Service with joy makes the days flow with peace and song.

Crystal said...

Lord, I want to honor you,
Lord I want to serve you,
Fill me with joy,
And with your attitude.
Even though I find myself
In circumstances I did not choose,
When the sacrifice, bring pain and frustration
Extend to me the grace I need
To glorify and enjoy you in my life.