Saturday, September 12, 2009

Angelica is 12!

Angelica turned 12 years old yesterday, the 11th. Birthdays are a great reason to have a party! They're usually when we choose to invite the live in staff, the rest of the gringos and some of the Finca kids in for a meal and, of course, cake and ice cream! So last night it was Alonso, Michele and family, Berta, Daniel, and Dasfne, Dwain and Audrey, Andrea, Lilian, Karla Patricia, and Julia Michell. We rarely have informal times with everyone to just hang out and talk so it's nice to have an excuse to do just that. Angelica chose to have pizza and chocolate cake, of course. Andrea also brought a white cake with strawberry icing for those that don't like chocolate!

One of Angelica's gifts was the game Twister, which all the kids enjoyed playing and all the adults enjoyed watching!!

A tired Angelica at the end of an exciting day...

...because not only did we celebrate Angelica's birthday, here at the Finca we also celebrated Dia del Nino. Children's Day is actually September 10th, but celebrating on Friday worked better this year. The celebration started around 9am in the church with a program. Andrea did a great job planning and coordinating the program. There was singing, dancing, puppets, and dramas designed to help adults make fools of themselves and entertain the children!!

Later, it was time for games, pinatas, tug of war, water fights and food. The kitchen prepared a special typical meal which we all enjoyed together on the cancha or court.

It was great day of fun and fellowship. The weather was perfect and everyone enjoyed themselves.

And now for some insect pictures... :)

Here we have some ants trying to carry away the almonds from our granola one by one. This is going across our kitchen wall and then they had to go around a corner and up our living room wall. Hey, if you can't get rid of them you might as well take pictures and marvel at the hard work that they do.

Once again someone found and brought us some cocoons. Here's one of the butterflies which we still see around even though we released it a couple of weeks ago.

We also want to thank everyone for your prayers, as we once again made our visa renewal trip to Costa Rica. Because of the political situation and the problems we had the last time, we decided to take the bus. We had a great trip. The borders were easy and stress-free and the trip was a lot more relaxing than usual. We thank God for his continued faithfulness.

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Tristan&Beth said...

wow! so many fun pictures! Happy Birthday Angelica! Miss you guys!