Friday, December 16, 2011

Congratulations Yohana!

Waiting... we were there on time, but, surprise, no one else was! :)

I promise to be a productive, upstanding citizen and support my country.

 Yohana with her padrinos, Jaime Sorensen and Harlan

Signing the official documents!


We are all proud of you, Yohana!

 Anafres, always appropriate for any occasion....

The crowd waiting outside for the next graduation. 

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Anonymous said...

May you and your family have a very special Christmas together as we all remember God's love gift to us-Jesus.
He loves us with a love we can't comprehend. He has all the resources we need so we continue to look to Him in faith trusting ourselves and all circumstances in our lives to Him.

Thanks again, perhaps it seems like a broken record, but I certainly do appreciate the time you take to post on your blog site. We know it takes time. Blessings as you continue to love, bless, and minister to those He brings into your lives.
Love, Kathy (Richard too)