Tuesday, December 15, 2009


November 14th

Andy and Kimberly's 14th birthday

November 21st

6th grade graduation

We were Andy's "padrinos", which meant we escorted him to the front and signed the official register.

Entertainment included the chimes choir, the finca choir and a presentation with acrobatics.

November 27th

Thanksgiving Day (well, the day we celebrated it :)

We also recently had "Andrea's kids" over for an evening of making soft pretzels and playing games. Andrea usually had all the young adults over 18 years old over to her house every Friday, but we thought we could handle it once a month. :)

Also we're happy to report that the boys' dorms are finished and they will be moving in this week. Harlan put up the trim and helped paint. The boys also helped by sanding the dirt, cement, etc. off the floors.

We've also gone and supervised the Finca choir a couple of times as they went to Tegucigalpa to give concerts at some HSBC bank branches and events. It always gives us joy to see them doing a great job sharing about Christ's birth. Sorry, we forgot to take our camara, so no pics.

We anticipate celebrating Christ's birth here at the Finca on the 23rd and then flying to PA on the 24th. We will enjoy seeing many of you while there!

May Christ's joy and peace overwhelm each one of us as we seek His face.

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