Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some of the girls...

-------------------------------------Kimberly, Heidy, Me, Maribel, Yaquelin
Here you'll see some of the girls who are sweet and cooperative most of the time, some who at one time or another haven't talked to me for awhile (as long as 5 months or so), some who have the worst attitudes and are difficult to work with, some who are hard workers and feel better when they have something to do, etc. You probably won't be able to tell which is which (and I won't tell you :), but God loves all of them and you can pick one or more to pray for regularly!


-------------------Lourdes and Claribeth

Julissa and Kenia

------------Heidy, Me, Lilian, Yaquelin

Karla Patricia

--------------Yaquelin and Sarahi

Yohana and I

--------------Rosa Paguada and Rosa Macoto

Angelica and Julia Michelle

------------------Kimberly Merary

Heidy and Lupe


Pick a name, any name... and pray: Alba, Claribeth, Denia, Dunia, Eliuth, Ericka, Francy, Heidy, Jenifer, Julia Michelle, Katerine, Kelly, Kenia, Kersthyn, Lilian, Lourdes, Lupe, Maria Ilda, Maribel, Marilyn, Mirian, Karla Sidey, Kimberly Merary, Kimberly Yacceni, Mercely, Patricia, Rosa Macoto, Rosa Paguada, Rossi, Sarahi, Yaquelin and Yohanna.

Some are pictured, some aren't, but they all need you and your prayers!


Crystal said...

Great idea- I love it!

Galen and Phyllis Groff said...

I agree that was a great idea to involve others in your life.