Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Springtime" Babies by Angelica

Right now at the other finca there are "springtime" babies. A lamb, a calf, a foal, and a new puppy. Oh, and a LOT of chicks and half-grown chicks. I,(Angelica) took all the pictures when we went to visit the other finca.(I was practicing taking pictures.) Here are just some of the baby animals.

This calf was born the morning we went over to the other finca. And this picture was taken in the afternoon.
We hiked across the field to see it back in the far corner behind a clump of bushes in a group of trees. It was a cute little big-eared thing.
This little lamb was born a couple weeks before the calf. It's kind of thin because the mother thinks it's a nuisance and won't let it drink.

The mother just hops up into the feeding trough and won't come down. But the lamb is starting to eat the grass stuff that they give the sheep.
The foal was born a week or so before the calf. The foal actually belongs to Don Pablo, who takes care of the animals at the other finca.

But the calf and the lamb belong to La Finca.

I couldn't get very good pictures of it because it kept laying down and the foal was far from the fence. But I finally got a picture of it standing up. It was so cute standing up and stretching.

Here are some more photos of animals at the other finca.
This ham of a ram tried to nibble at the camera and then got in the way when I tried to take a picture of the lamb! But then he started smiling for the camera so I took his picture. He is the father of the lamb and quite a ham!

These horses I think also belong to Don Pablo and were in the same field as the foal and so I just to their picture.

Anyway those were some of the new animals at the other finca. And now I've also done my turn for the blog!

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Andrea said...

very cool girlfriend. Way to go and write a blog. I especially like your rhyming. :-)